This 71-page Ebook is a totally comprehensive guide to serve return for doubles players.

In it, you will learn the best approach for returning against any type of server, proven return tactics you can use, how to better gameplan with your doubles partner, and easy adjustments to break serve more.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The important difference between return strategy in doubles vs singles
  • One tip you can use (I share this with a WTA player at Indian Wells) that forces double faults
  • Why returning vs 1st serve is totally different than 2nd serves, including what to do about it
  • Common patterns & tendencies for server's at the club-level that you can take advantage of
  • Exactly where to stand to start the point (with visual diagrams)
  • How to make adjustments to your position & movement that help you win the point faster and force errors from the opponent
  • The keys that the returner's partner MUST READ before deciding where to move (this is the most difficult position on the court & most players get it wrong)
  • How & when to poach or cross on returns
  • The one thing I tell my partner before every return point when facing a lefty
  • How & when to use the two-back return formations
  • 11 winning return tactics guaranteed to make the serve team second guess their plan (for deuce & ad court)
  • How often to return down the line

I teach the strategies in this Ebook to 3.0-level players who are just starting out, as well as ATP/WTA doubles players. No matter your skill-level, the information in this book will help you become a smarter doubles player.

100% money-back guarantee!
If this Ebook doesn't help you, email me for a complete refund within 7 days of purchase.